Tuesday, 23 June 2020

War of the Roses project part 4 - The Commanders

For part 3 head Here

Next up we have the commanders - resplendent in armour and heraldic banners. These have all been based on circular disks ranging from 60 to 100mm in diameter.

All the figures shown are from Perry or Front Rank

I should add the vast majority of my force is Yorkist.

First up we have the King (could be either Edward IV or Richard III

Lord Fauconberg (brother to Duke of Salisbury and uncle to Warwick the Kingmaker) 

Lord Hastings - Sir William Hastings of Kirby Muxloe

Earl of Essex - Sir Henry Bouchier of Pleshey

Sir Thomas Stanley, 2nd Lord Stanley of Lancashire

A bunch of various Knights

Sir Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey

 Sir John Mowbray of Framlington, 4th Duke of Norfolk

Sir John de la Pole of Wingfield, Duke of Suffolk

Sir Richard Neville of Middleham, 1st Earl of Salisbury

Duke of York, Richard Plantagenet of Fotheringhay, 3rd Duke of York

Lord Audley, Sir John Audley

Earl of Warwick, Sir Richard Neville of Middleham

Virtually all of the above were Yorkist supporters for the bulk of the Wars but in order to balance things out I thought I had better include Henry Tudor

More soon

part 5 can be found HERE


  1. Some splendid chaps there!

  2. After the spring of our discontent comes the summer of your production

  3. A seriously impressive array!

  4. Very inspiring. I just finished the WOTR section of Cassel's Battlefields of Britain and Ireland and between it and your blog I am tempted to buy a bunch of Perry's plastics.