Saturday, 27 October 2018

BLAM 2018

So last weekend 30  wargamers descended on my local boozer for a three day binge of wargaming, and I am delighted to report that the 11th BLAM was a total success.

The three days of gaming in the pub's small function room saw a total of 13 games hosted. These ranged across a wide set of periods and genre’s. Where else in the wargaming world can you play Judge Dredd in the morning, Custer in the early afternoon and a leading Columbian Drug dealer at the end of the day. If you want to fight Spanish guerilla’s, blood soaked zombies or axe armed men at arms BLAM offered it all. 

A massive thank you to all those that helped to organize, hosted games, or just took part in this gaming extravaganza.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of BLAM this started off life on the Lead Adventurer Forum. This is an annual meet of gamers who share the same passion for great terrain, figures and games. All the participants are regular visitors to this most excellent forum and over the years several great friendships have been established, battles fought and hobby experiences shared. It is most definitely one of my highlights of a wargaming year.

The LAF is a most definitely international forum and not surprisingly this year’s visitors to BLAM were a very international bunch. Guests arrived from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We even had a guest from the States this year.

The following photos are taken from the games being played – some of these were absolutely outstanding beautiful..

roll on next year

BLAM in full swing

Friday Games

Sharpe's Ransom by Eric the Shed

Boxer Rebellion by Oshiro Models & Dr D'Eath

Aquamunda by Dewbabuk

Fistfull of Lead by Malamute

Game of Thrones by Captain Blood

Saturday's Games

Zombie Island by Akula

Boots & Saddles by Hu Rhu

Drug Cartel by Oshiro Models & Malamute & Dr D'Eath

Judge Dredd by Andym & GamerMac

Deadman's Hand by Ramirez

Sunday Games

Sudan - Eric the Shed

Victorian Science Fiction on Mars - Oshiro Models

A Knightly Bash - Silent Invader


  1. Seriously impressive games.
    Well done one and all.

  2. impressive scener specially the megacity board

  3. What an amazing bunch of tables there. Love it!

  4. What a fab effort by everyone. Lovely.

  5. Nice small tables . Gives a real good impression. I prefer a small table myself. It is more about the game and less about putting tons of lead on the table-top.


  6. Lovely stuff! Cracking scenery there.

  7. Great idea, pity there are not more.

  8. What a great range of good-looking games :)

  9. Wow, brilliant stuff! That list of attendees running games reads like an All-Star roster of the hobby!

  10. Some really fantastic looking games! You have to be careful how you move about though, I would imagine!

  11. So many stunning games! Thanks for sharing a inspiration boost.