Tuesday, 10 July 2018

RAF Flypast 100th Anniversary

Earlier today I took the opportunity of taking my lunch hour in Green Park London (along with 10's of thousands of others) to watch the commemorative flypast celebrating 100 years of the RAF.

It was great and very British - well done to the RAF !

No text just a few pictures (cursing the fact that after 40+ straight sunny days in London the event was on a day when it was overcast).

The camera was set for high speed hence the rotors on the planes and choppers look static

Its coming home !!!


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your photos.

  2. Excellent photo's. Pity the sky was so overcast. I couldn't get into London yesterday but I watched the flypast on TV and found the BBC commentary a bit annoying. Especially when they kept cutting away from the Aircraft to show us the reaction of the Royals watching it. I think you had the better deal.

  3. Really cool photos - thanks for sharing.

    I was disappointed that they did not have any WWI era aircraft even if they would have to be reproductions. Then again...they would of probably been so slow they'd hold up the parade! LOL