Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Colonial Wars - An Afghan Army

More news on my British Colonial Wars - now that the Sudan & Zulu Wars are covered it seems a shame not to move East into Afghanistan....;-)

I decided that my Sudan Brits will form the backbone of the  Colonial Forces so I needed some Afghans...

As far as I can tell (and from scouring the internet) there are four compatible ranges out there. These include Perry, Old Glory and Artizan Miniatures (the latter range is carried by North Star Games). The last range is Foundry but given their price I decided to leave these well alone

So what did I do...

I bought every single figure I could lay my hand on including 12 tribal horse and an artillery piece

The total force consists of

3 Command Stand stands
8 units of Infantry (each unit 16 strong)
1 Gun
1 unit of Cavalry

A total of 150 figures

To be frank I don't know when these are going to come out to play but its nice knowing that they are done

More soon...


  1. Nicely done. Now just give them some very tall hills and they will be happy.

  2. The Foundry Baluchi’s are nice though. They are forming the back bone of my TMWWBK’s Field Force and part of my Zanzibari one.

  3. Ironclad Mini's do a '2nd Afghan War' range:
    don't know if they'll be compatible though ...

  4. Excellent!

    Studio Miniatures Afghans are compatible with Artizan and Perry but their British are from 1895.

  5. Can you tell which rules you are using for colonial gaming?