Sunday, 15 April 2018

Salute 2018

So another Salute has passed....but what of the pictures I hear you cry

Well this year I decided not to take any pictures.

Firstly I had a great time wandering the hall without having to think if I had taken a picture of a particular game or not.

Secondly I discovered last year that some bloggers got free press passes - nobody asked me and when I wrote to the organisers last year after the show they ignored me. Not too worry there are plenty of good photos out there. Am I feeling bitter...not really

This years Salute was definitely a notch up on last years. Some great looking games (damn no photos), lots of traders and a queing system that works. I arrived at 10.20 and walked straight in.

The Organisers really do deserve a massive round of thanks (and beers) for putting on a great show

However the lighting in the hall is shocking. Apparently you can have different settings for the ceiling lights and each setting costs a different rate. This might be an old wife's tale so requires further investigation. I for one would pay an extra £1 to have a better illuminated hall. Alternatively buy everybody torches from poundland next year

The show this year was a good chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. I even managed to catch up with the Perry twins and thank them for helping me put together my Sudan campaign. Apparently they'd seen the progress on the blog are were impressed (blush) - then Michael or was it Alan tried to sell me a box of Zulus - my response  - you are about two years too late and explained that 800 warriors from Warlord had already been painted two years ago.

A big thank you to Bob Cordery for his book on the Spanish Civil War (and for signing it) - a very generous gift and one that I will read.

So what did I buy,....well apart from some essentials  ie paint I spent £200 on plastic dark age figures from Conquest Games and Gripping Beast. Once I have finished current lead pile (more on this next post) I am starting my Hastings project

I do hope you had a great weekend

Until next time


  1. A real shame I like looking at your salute photos each year, I came here to see them!

  2. Shame they ignored your email, yours is always one of the most thorough photo reports! I mostly stumble along snapping a picture or two whenever I remember to; if you enjoyed the show more without having to worry about taking photos though then that's the way to go!

  3. Good to see you again at the bloggers' meet. It's a shame you didn't take any pics this year and it was rude of them not to reply to your email. I did have a press pass a few years ago - the trouble with going in early is that half the games aren't fully set up so it is pointless taking pics at that time. Besides, they've sorted out the "letting the queues in quickly" issue now, or seem to have at any rate.

  4. Good to meet you at the bloggers meet up....always good to put a face to a blog :).

    Interesting what you said about the lighting...that would explain a lot. I thought it was noticeably dinner this year. While I appreciate 'mood lighting' under certain circumstances, I'm not sure Salute is an appropriate venue for it!

  5. What a shame. Look forward to seeing your Dark Ages miniature being painted and gracing the blog.

  6. I was wondering where your photos had got to...normally yours are the first ones up!

  7. Checked Saturday night for the No.1 report on Salute, shame about no photos but at least you enjoyed the day. Legatus may have been first this year.

  8. I always enjpy your pictures as you manage to get shots of games I missed. The Old Bat is still talking about that bag of Normans though! My couple of boxes were, therefore, largely ignored, so thanks for that!

  9. I thought the lighting was terrible too. Maybe we'll see your pics again next year?