Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Sudan Project part 11 - The Egyptian Brigade

Hi Folks

Shall we get back into the wargaming groove...I think so !

Over the last few weeks I have been steadily painting up my forces for the upcoming Sudan project - it is my desire to see this on the table by March. So today I am introducing the Egyptian Brigade - this consists of two regular battalions of infantry, a cavalry regiment and supporting artillery.

 previous post on this project can be found here

There will be a couple more commanders (still waiting on these to be finished)

All the figures are from the excellent Perry Sudan range

These have all been given the same basing treatment as my other forces. The tufts have been sourced from warpainter on ebay


Unfortunately my block painting and dip doesn't work too well with white uniforms but I am too long in the tooth to change my habits now.

The jolly sky blue trousers sported by the cavalry were inspired by some other gamers blog (apologies cant remember name) and whether or not they are correct I like them

The Egyptians get their own artillery support. The MDF bases is 5cm x 10cm

The two infantry battalions are made up from the firing line figures in Perry's range with one command pack split between the two units. The officers have been given the blue uniforms.

Its likely that this will be one players command in our upcoming games

More soon...

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  1. I find white to be an awkward colour to paint, whether on Sudan Egyptians or Napoleonic Austrians (so of course I collected both!), and you've done a good job on those chaps.

  2. Nice work there Eric. Blue trousers? Why not, look fine to me!

  3. Excellent work! Your figures remind me, that I need Egyptians too, for our games.

  4. A beautiful brigade, no doubt!

  5. superb , the British didn't trust them one bit ... a legacy that carried on until after ww2 when british soldiers were still being shot out by Egyptians in the canal zone in 1947/8.