Thursday, 31 August 2017

Napoleonic Project part 14 - All Finished !!

So this is the final post on the painting extravaganza I have put myself through in 2017.

On the 20th February of this year I announced that I was starting a new project focussing on Napoleonic Skirmish  - very soon after this announcement the project somewhat grew and has become a fill blown monster. The ambition ultimately ending up with the opportunity to field two armies of the period in sufficient numbers for three aside games in the shed.

If you want to read through this journey the first post is here with each subsequent post linked to the next

By my reckoning its taken me 7 months from start to finish to achieve this goal. A total of 31 Infantry Battalions (24 figures strong), 14 Cavalry Regiments (12 strong), 15 Artillery Batteries and approx 36 command stands. This equates to over 1000 figures.

The majority are plastic from Warlord and Perry so they have been assembled and primed. Special mention must however go to Front Rank not only for their great range but their superb service in helping me to fill out some of the units with key figures (eg drummers, standard bearers etc)
Every figure is individually based. These have all been painted, washed in Army Painter Dip, and then hand varnished. I am no a good painter but en masse I am told that they do the job and look the part.

Before I share with you some pictures of the full parade I'd just like to introduce the final two units that made the cut -  my Imperial Guard Grenadiers and a Swiss Battalion.

The Swiss are from Perry (standard French Line Infantry with Red Jackets and Blue Facings)

The Imperial Guard are from Victrix - I picked up a couple of sprues cheap on ebay. Rather than the standard six bases these guys have eight

So here we go.....Drums Roll......

British & Allied Forces in the foreground - French to the back

Allied Infantry - Portuguese in the Front along with the Rifles

British Horse

Napoleon musters his forces

The Infantry

The French Cavalry

French Artillery & Command

until next time - which will be when we play with these boys !!


  1. Fantastic work. They look splendid

  2. Now that is quite an achievement to get all those done in just a few months :)

    However, looking at how much space they take up I can't help feeling that you're going to need a much larger table which in turn will require a much larger shed if you want to field them all for a game ;)

  3. Neat and tidy painting a lesson to us all what can be achieved. Well done - impressive

  4. Excellent job, must feel good! :)

  5. Well done. I'm impressed by your ability to get that many figures painted in such a short time.

  6. Absolutely epic mate, brilliant!

  7. Splendid work impressive and effective ...well done 😀

  8. Really great achievement, two lovely armies in the time it would take me to paint a battalion!
    Best Iain

  9. Really great achievement, two lovely armies in the time it would take me to paint a battalion!
    Best Iain

  10. Awesome to see focus and effort pay off so well. Armies look great.

  11. As you say, they look fine on the table and that really is all that matters in the game! But finished? Surely not...