Friday, 2 December 2016

Jason and the Argonauts part 5

Hi Folks

A bit of a hodge podge of progress on the Jason project today...

Part 4 can be found here

First up a few more hoplites and heros painted - these are all either Black Tree Greeks or Foundry. The only way I can differentiate them are the bases I have used - Foundry are mounted are on 2p's and BTD on washers.

I have decided that each Hero commands 5 henchmen/minions and so to add the players each six man unit has a different paint scheme - hence the blues, whites, blacks and reds. That makes 24 human figures painted so far with 12 more to finish off.

I also decided to start painting the Grand Manner Argo - its by no means finished but it is nearing completion. Tho protect the very delicate ram the ship is going to be based on a sheet of clear plastic. The mast will be kept loose for easy storage.

You may recall that in the original Jason movie they disembark on an Island that has a large number of statues on plinths  - one of which is the mighty Talos

Of course I am going to need such a terrain piece so the last couple of nights has seen me make up some foamcore plinths for the various bronze and brass figures I have sourced off ebay. The following pictures are very much work in progress

In the last photo you can see a 28mm figure in front of one of the plinths. I think these will work

By the time I'm finished there should be about six of these plinths each one mounted with a different statue.

Onto the terrain.

Last weekend saw me down the shed building more rocky boxes - you may recall the desert boards I built a couple of years back. I realised when I finished these that I hadn't built in enough curves so these were definitely needed in addition I have built two longer 50cm straights. These are going to get the Heroic Greek treatment with stairs built into the rock faces.

Desert Board Construction thread can be found here

The first staircase is complete (using 5mm foamcore) and hopefully the photo illustrates where I am going with these. The flanks of the stairs will have pillars (cake pillars) and will then me surrounded with cork bark.

Ultimately my board will be configured into these rocky boards.

More hopefully soon

part 6 can be found here


  1. All coming along very nicely...particularly keen to see the rocky terrain pieces with stairs!

  2. I'm really enjoying this, great stuff.

  3. This is incredible stuff, Eric; the completed project is eagerly awaited!

  4. Lovely work, very inspirational.

  5. What a splendid project...coming along so nicely!