Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Shed Extension part 3

Since I last reported on the Shed build more progress has been definitely made...

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First up I decided to extend the base extension. As you can see from the picture below a path runs along the side of the shed area. By extending the base out to this concrete path I could add a further 1/2 metres width to the new extension.

Before shot

After shot - not perfect but it is solid

The picture below is not drawn to scale but is a good indication of the new space ill have. I have also decided to add another door in the bottom right to compliment the double doors that exist in the first extension build.

With the base finally finished I turned my attention to the walls. I built timber frames and then clad them with tongue and groove ship lap boards. The total surface area of all the walls exceeds 24 square metres so that s a lot of timber.

All the wall frames completed and now under cover coz it is raining

Sadly I took no pictures of these during the construction phase but I can assure you that I was as stiff as a proverbial board when I finished up. Each wall consists of two panels. These will be bolted together once the floor has been constructed.

It may seem odd but my next job this weekend will be to construct the angled roof joists (ill need four of these to span the 4.2 metre long walls. Once these are done I'll get the roof boards cut to size and only then will I start on the floor. This needs to be raised on brick pillars to mirror the existing shed.

Funds, weather and time permitting I am on track to complete this by the end of July.

More to come soon...

part 4 is here


  1. What a great project - how will you anchor the structure to the foundation?

  2. Good skills, what a great idea to get some extra space!

  3. You're a very clever man! I haven't done any woodwork since I was 1972 when I made a hinged lidded box at school, which stressed me out to the extent that I have done nothing since. I did put a nice transfer of a Napoleonic Chasseur of the Guard on it, which I got in a French hypermarket.

  4. Like Legatus my woodworking skills started and finished at school (wxcept I was asked to leave woodwork due to the amount of wasted wood!) so I'm very impressed by your skills!!