Tuesday, 10 May 2016

ECW - Unit Cards

Whilst putting together our ECW forces Mark and I agreed that it would be useful to create some cards denoting the statistics of each unit on the table.

In time we'll create specific regiment cards for all the units but to begin with these would represent the standard units listed in the Pike & Shotte rulebook.

These were dead easy to create using powerpoint. The images are all from the Warlord Games boxes, cut and pasted on to the cards. Each card has all the stats you need.

This includes the weapon (and ranges), the units movement and all the other key stats. The number in the oval at the bottom is the points value.

Finally if the unit has any special abilities these are posted on the bottom of the card in bold.

I quickly realised that there were many units specific to the Royalist or Parliamentarian Cause so to differentiate these I added blue (Royalist) or orange in the side panel. If it was a generic unit (eg Pikemen) the panel was left white)

As you can see from the two pictures below they are both Cavalry cards but because the units have different abilities (respective of their faction) they have a different side bar colour.

With the various unit cards produced I turned my attention to the commanders...

We have a standard card for both Infantry and Cavalry Commanders. In this case they are Parliamentarians.

......as well as personality cards (these photos were just lifted from the internet

Once I had checked all the details were correct these were printed and laminated.

So each player will now have a deck of cards denoting his forces which can ether be kept in hand or placed under the units as a point of reference.

Job done....


  1. Good work. It reduces the amount of paperwork involved in a game.

  2. Great idea, nicely realised.

  3. Excellent idea perfectly executed!
    Well done!

  4. These were really helpful during the game for those of us with rubbish memories and a hazy grasp of the rules!