Thursday, 7 January 2016

This Old Dog does learn new tricks....Frostgrave Warbands

Hi Folks

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I had mostly finished painting all of the figures I had purchased for Frostgrave, a very satisfying milestone.

Now I am not the greatest painter in the world - typically block paint and then dip. The Army painter dip (I use the strong tone) has been a godsend for painters like me as they tart up poorly painted figures in no time at all. However one of the many criticisms I do receive is that the figures look a little shiny. For years I have liked this look as it reminds me that they are toy soldiers.

However things change. Whilst rummaging around in my paint box I found a pot of matt varnish and I thought what the hell lets have a go on one of the figures. I selected the 'mule' from the last Frostgrave nickstarter. Once the varnish dried I was stunned with the final affect. It was great (at least in my eyes). The combination of the army painter shading and the matt varnish had me hooked.

Apologies for the quality of the photos but these were a bit rushed...

The Mule

There was only one thing for it all the Frostgrave figures would be given the same treatment. Fortunately I had taken some piccies of the un varnished figures for comparative purposes. I hope you agree they look significantly better.

Before Varnish
After Varnish

So here are the rest of the characters and some monsters


Constructs & Dog

Knights and Templars

Men at Arms

Missile Troops

Odds and Sods

More Wizards

Thugs and Thieves


Just love the tattoos on his back

Snow Trolls

The Lich and Wraith Knights (I wanted that spectral green look)

Spectral being

Armoured Skeletons

So I just need to finish off the cultists and I am done....


  1. Your certainly making a dent! Congrats. Yes I really like the Strong Tone Army Painter dip myself & then use a matte overspray to dull them down.

  2. You've really stocked up on Frostgrave! My own efforts have been much more modest. Are you like me in that you haven't actually played it yet?

  3. Love the wraith knights: that green works a treat.

  4. I've found a matt varnish certainly helps make the subtleties of the quickshade more apparent. Great collection you have there btw

  5. I'm with Preacher - loving those Wraith Knights!

  6. That's an impressive collection of figures to go with your terrain. I wish I had half that...

  7. the matt varnish by army painter is superb , did masses of 20mm naps with it ( after using the canned dip ) ... but be careful of environmenatl conditions / old paint - as it has a tendency to go white ... The new AP matt dip ( in bottles ) is great but bloody expensive ...

  8. WOW! Outstanding collection...!! And a very impressive setting. Cheers! :)