Monday, 29 December 2014

Middle Eastern Town - the beginnings

Hi Folks

Hope you all had a great Xmas !

If you have been following my recent posts you will know that I have been building a desert landscape for Pulp, WW2 and Crusader adventures.

For Christmas I was delighted to receive four buildings to kickstart my Desert town. These were all sourced from the Colonial Steamboat Company. Great products and great service. Once Christmas has been paid for I'll be ordering a few more of these.

You will note from the website that they do both 15mm and 28mm products.

The figures are all 28mm Afrika Korps but the setting works for a number of genres.

The Colonial Steamboat Company produce a vast array of these buildings. They are made from foamcore and card, but look very robust. All the roofs lift off.

In addition to these I picked up a couple of aquarium rock sets off ebay for a fiver and painted these up in the same colours as the desert boards. I think they have come out rather well as additional terrain pieces.

Up next on the workbench are some small plants and bushes to create more ground level interest.

On the painting table I have just finished off another 40 Arabs with 40 more to go.

Happy new year folks

Eric the Shed


  1. Great stuff. And just my sort of terrain! I also have a bunch of Colonial Steamboat buildings and use a lot of aquarium terrain!

  2. the bldgs are great , I have about 20 CSB's ( inc a huge mosque ) if you ever need to put up a huge town ... I need to get some of the rocks for my Afghan 20mm stuff ... surprised at the cost though , they seem a little steep at at about £10 each :-(

  3. Those buildings are great. We used a bunch for our demo game a few years back.

  4. Nice addition to the game there. Particularly like the rocks you acquired! Happy New Year!