Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A report from Matakashi's Tea Party 2012

On Saturday I was delighted to attend Matakashi’s Tea Party in Woking. This is I believe the second event, the first being last year when he celebrated his 50th birthday.

As a ‘newbie’ I was introduced to several familiar names from the Lead Adventure Forum. So it was nice to put some faces and real names to these folks.

There were four games being played and I tried to get some pictures covering all of these.

First up was a Medieval War of the Roses engagement being fought over a ford. The scenery and figures were beautiful.

Second up was a Gaslight Victorian Science Fiction game being played out on the deserts of Mars. Again all credit to the folks involved for some superb terrain and wonderful scratchbuilt vehicles. I understand from the guys that were playing that their ‘Martians’ will soon be released as a range of 28mm figures, good luck to them in their new venture.


I was fortunate to play a few games of the Strange Aeons rule set. These are loosely based around adventurers & investigator preventing the Cthulu mythos from prevailing. The setting for Saturday was a small but excellent graveyard layout. In my first two games I played the cultists and their raised Zombies. The first game was lost to the Tommy gun wielding Investigators the second I took revenge. Later in the afternoon I swapped sides playing the investigators who were facing a creature of nameless description. Despite one member of the team falling under the command of said creature it was rapidly despatched back to the pits of hell. Lucky dice rolls won the day.


Finally I was involved in several games of Matakashis excellent Zulu project. In the morning we played the siege of Rourkes Drift and when it came to my turn to hold the defences my Martin-Henry’s did not let me down. A couple of nervous moments came on early on but the redcoats fought to win the day. In the afternoon we played out a series of Zulu ambushes on a British column. For three games on the trot the Zulus kept winning but eventually determination and a slight change of rules allowed the column to finally complete the task.

My thanks to Matakashi, his wife and his daughter for an excellent day, great company and good fun. Next year, if invited I will put on a game.



  1. A wonderful pictorial journal of a many flavored tea party! Very nice.

  2. Some great looking games!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Here's to next year!