Friday 15 June 2012

Building the Boat part 2

Last weekend I decided to crack on with the Freighter project -

The infrastructure is now all complete, the stairways all marked out and built - so a coat of paint was in order.

Finally I started to lay the wooden deck.

At this rate of pace I might be finishing this project by the end of the year.

The figure in the shots is 28mm.


Front & Side views - eventually whens it is all painted it will be weathered up..

The rail posts are in...the cables (wire will be added at the end.

The decks will be covered in lollipop sticks, then stained and varnished.
The covers for the hold hatches are plastic airvents. Theses will be raised and painted dark brown.

Each Staircase leads to a corresponding hole in the higher deck.
The internal rooms are all now constructed. Doors & Portholes will be added shortly.

It is the intention to 'furnish' each cabin with a paper picture of furniture etc.

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