Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Battle of Uncrossurlegs

An update on a recent engagement in the Anglo Zulu War.

My Lord Chelmetriver, Large numbers of Zulus have been spotted heading for Missionary Position at Uncrossurlegs River.  With immediate haste you must send reinforcements to defend this position.

At the vanguard of your position will be the 69th Lancers (these were wiped out bny the very first impi entering the table)

Quickly in hand  (see above photo) the relief force marched to the sound of battle. Infantry from the Royal Squelching Fusiliers  led the column.

Hastily the British forces lined the walls of the Missionary Position

Where are the Zulusssssssss!

They are coming....stirring song required...Men of Harlech


The Zulus - attacked the rear at the weakest point - only poor boers standing in their way - driving their way in hard and fast...

With the defense about to crumble the Zulus launched an assault full frontal - splitting the British force...

Apologies readers but the rest of the pictures are far too gruesome - The British were slaughtered to a man..